Tools & equipment

Laboratory equipment
Brainstim - Multifunctional system for low-intensity transcranial electrical stimulation
Starstim - multichannel transcranial current stimulator (tES), EEG and accelerometry recording system - Neuroelectrics
Bits# (Bits Sharp) Stimulus Processor - Cambridge Research Systems
Mirametrix S2 infrared eyetracker system
EyeTribe infrared eyetracker system
Quickamp 72 Channel EEG system from Brainproducts
TMS (Magstim Rapid Stimulator)
Brainsight Frameless (neuronavigation device)
VSG - Cambridge Research System
M-Audio Fast Track Pro

Free to download research tools

PSYCOACOUSTICS: a MATLAB toolbox for auditory testing (written by Alessandro Soranzo & Massimo Grassi) [work in progress]

MLP: a MATLAB toolbox for rapid and reliable auditory threshold (written by Massimo Grassi & Alessandro Soranzo) [work in progress]