Degree in Psychological Science

Level: Bachelor

Field of study: L-24 - Psychology

Duration: 3 years

Location: Padova

Language: English

Available places: European candidates or non-European candidates residing in Italy: 55; Non-European candidates residing outside Italy: 45 (4 for candidates joining the Marco Polo Project)

Entry requirements:

  • Secondary school diploma
  • SAT test only (the Essay is not required). Only candidates having obtained a score equal to or higher than 1500 (50th percentile) on a 2400-point scale (Old SAT) - or equal to or higher than 1000 (50th percentile) on a 1600-point scale (Revised SAT) – will be considered eligible for admission.

Admission notice: to be published

Tuition fees:



The Bachelor’s degree in Psychological Science will disclose to you one of the most intriguing scientific disciplines. The Programme is designed to provide solid theoretical and methodological knowledge about all the main domains of Psychology. It encourages students to take a critical approach to their studies and an international perspective on their educational training and professional profile.

Since the Bachelor’s degree in Psychological Science is offered entirely in English, it is attractive to all those wishing to acquire the bases of Psychology in an international environment.

Each year, students enrolled in the Programme will take both compulsory and optional course units to reach the required amount of credits



Each academic year consists of two semesters.

  • First semester: classes from October to January - Winter exam session: January to February
  • Second semester: classes from March to June - Summer exam session: June to July

First yearThe first year of the programme will include: Basic concepts of Psychology, Brain and behaviour, Developmental psychology, Philosophy of Science, Basic Research Methods in Psychology, Social psychology and communication, Principles of Psychodynamic Psychology.
Second year: The second year will include: Psychometrics, Work and organisational Psychology, Psychology of Individual Differences, Clinical psychology.
Third year: The third year will include: Mathematical tools for Psychologists, Academic English, Introduction to Health Psychology and of course the goal of the three-year course: graduation!

Each year, students must also choose among optional courses, such as English in Intercultural settings, Animal Psychology, Human sexuality, Artificial intelligence and many others, to reach the required amount of credits.



The Bachelor's will give you the possibility to continue a student career with a MA/MSc offered by the school of Psychology of Padova or by other Italian Universities, and to Master's degree courses offered by foreign Universities. Please note that each University can add further admission requirements for its degree programs.

Also, EU and non-EU countries have different regulations on qualifications governing access to professions or professional titles.


Educational offer

Class timetable

Exam schedule


Chair of the Degree programme: Prof. Giulia BUODO


Student representatives:

  • Costanza Clara Marinello
  • Ariana Novak


International student council