Delegates and department committees

Delegates and department committees

Permanent Research Commitee

Coordinator: Professor Alessandro Angrilli

  • Professor Christian Agrillo
  • Professor Alessandro Angrilli
  • Professor Marta Ghisi
  • Professor Chiara Meneghetti
  • Professor Anna Spagnolli
  • Professor Andrea Spoto
  • Professor Marco Zorzi

Permanent Learning Activities Committee

Coordinator: Professor Professor Gianluca Campana (Chair of the Cognitive Psychology and Psychobiology Degree programme)
Vice-Coordinator: Professor Angelica Moè

Committee members

  • Professor Gianluca Campana (Chair of the Cognitive Psychology and Psychobiology Degree programme)
  • Professor Sabrina Cipolletta (Chair of the Psychological Science Degree programme)
  • Professor Simone Messerotti Benvenuti (Chair of the Techniques and Methods in Psychological Science)
  • Professor Giovanni Mento (Chair of the Neuroscience and Neuropsychological Rehabilitation Degree programme)
  • Professor Claudio Gentili (Chair of the Clinical Psychology Degree programme)
  • Professor Angelica Moè (Chair of the Applied Cognitive Psychology Degree programme)
  • Professor Mario Bonato (Chair of the Cognitive Neuroscience and Clinical Neuropsychology Degree programme)
  • Professor Luigi Sartori (Representative of the Forensic Psychology and Clinical Criminology Degree programme)

Permanent Third Mission and Social impact Committee

Coordinator: Professor Erika Borella

Committee members 

  • Professor Erika Borella
  • Professor Massimo Grassi
  • Professor Caterina Novara
  • Dr. Nicola Cellini
  • Dr. Giovanna Mioni
  • Dr. Patrik Pluchino


Departmental Funds Working Group: 

Coordinator: Professor Andrea Spoto

Committee members 

 Professor Francesca Pazzaglia

  • Professor Umberto Castiello
  • Professor Sabrina Cipolletta
  • Dr. Elisa Barzon
  • Mr. Diego Varotto
  • Mrs. Marika Zago

 Development Project Monitoring Commitee:

Coordinator: Professor Franca Stablum

Committee members 

  • Prof. Christian Agrillo
  • Prof.ssa Angelica Moè
  • Dott.ssa Elisa Barzon
  • Sig. Diego Varotto


The Head of Department's delegates are:

Delegate for the Communication and relations with the territory: Professor Luciano Gamberini

Laboratories: Professor Konstantinos Priftis (collaboration with Diego Varotto)

Space Management: Professor Massimo Nucci

Department Website: Dr. Alberto Testolin (collaboration with Dr. Claudia Dal Buono and Dr. Luca Semenzato)

Delegates for welcoming procedures for newly hired professors and researchers: Dr. Paola Bressan, Dr. Peter Kramer

University Support for Teacher Training (SAFI) Committee: Professor Francesca Pazzaglia and Professor Angelica Moè

Department representative for the Inclusion and Disability Service: Professor Luisa Sartori

Department representative for Guidance and Tutoring: Professor Chiara Meneghetti

Representative of the Department for Equal Opportunities: Professor Angelica Moè

International Activites: Dr. Elisa Di Rosa, Dr. Rosa Rugani

Representatives of the Department for the International Ranking: Prof. Lucia Regolin, Dr. Marco Bertamini

Representative of the Department in the Placement Commission: Professor Mariaelena Tagliabue

Representatives of the Department for the Central Library of Psychology "Fabio Metelli": Professor Angelica Moè, Professor Andrea Facoetti


Interdipartimental groups

  • Ethics Committee of Psychological Research (Area 17): Representatives of the Department: Dr. Valentina Cardi, Dr. Enrico Toffalini 
  • History of Psychology Department contact person: Professor Massimo Grassi
  • Psychology seminars Department contact person: Dr. Luca Battaglini