Delegates and department committees

Delegates and department committees

The Head of Department's delegates are:

Professor Alessandro Angrilli

Space Management
Professor Giulia Buodo

Department Website
Professor Andrea Facoetti

International Activites
Professor Sabrina Cipolletta

Congresses and Research Conferences
Dr. Massimo Nucci 

Ethical Committee of Psychological Research
Professor Massimo Grassi
Dr. Giovanni Mento

Interdepartmental Centre for Research on Modelling of Neuropsychological Disorders in Clinical Medicine (CIRMANMEC)
Professor Patrizia Bisiacchi

University Support for Teacher Training (SAFI) Committee
Professor Francesca Pazzaglia

Department representative for the Inclusion and Disability Service
Dr. Chiara Meneghetti





Permanent Research Committee
Coordinator: Professor Marco Zorzi

Committee members
Professor Daniela Palomba
Professor Giuseppe Sartori
Dr. Christian Agrillo
Professor Marta Ghisi
Dr. Mariaelena Tagliabue

Permanent Learning Activities Committee
Coordinator: Professor Michela Sarlo (Chair of the Neuroscience and Neuropsychological Rehabilitation Degree programme)

Committee members
Professor Gianluca Campana (Chair of the Cognitive Psychology and Psychobiology Degree programme)
Professor Sara Mondini (Chair of the Psychological Science Degree programme)
Professor Claudio Gentili (Chair of the Clinical Psychology Degree programme)
Professor Barbara Carretti (Chair of the Applied Cognitive Psychology Degree programme)
Professor Patrizia Bisiacchi (Chair of the Cognitive Neuroscience and Clinical Neuropsychology Degree programme)

Clinical Spaces and Services Committee
Committee members
Professor Erika Borella
Professor Sara Mondini

History of Psychology Committee
Committee members
Professor Andrea Bobbio
Professor Giovanni Galfano
Professor Massimo Grassi