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Paola Bressan
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About myself
My main passion is scientific research.
I wrote a book about how we see (“Il colore della luna. Come vediamo e perché”; Laterza, 2007) that has been translated into other languages and has won the 2008 Giovanni Maria Pace Award for the best Italian book of scientific popularization.
I have also illustrated several children's books. Some of my other interests: reading (fiction and non-fiction), computers and new technologies, mathematical games, illustration, architecture and design, photography, cinema, plants and gardens, new ideas, and anything that hasn’t been explained yet.

Academic experience
Research Scientist (University of Padua)
Visiting scientist (University of Surrey, UK)
Research Fellow (Center for Adaptive Systems, Boston University, USA)
Research Associate (Brandeis University, USA)
Visiting scientist (University of Sussex, UK)
Visiting scientist (University of Reading, UK)
Laurea, University of Padua (Experimental Psychology, 110/110 summa cum laude)

Peter Kramer
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About myself
I am an intercontinentally trained Dutch psychological scientist, living in Italy, with a particular interest in psychological research that crosses scientific disciplines. My work initially focused on visual perception and mathematical cognition but currently also includes clinical psychology—in particular how mental health is affected by brain and gut microbes, viruses, cells of other humans, battling genes, food, and toxic particles.

Academic experience
Research Scientist (University of Padua, Italy)
Post doctoral fellow (University of Padua, Italy)
Post doctoral fellow (National Taiwan University, Republic of China - Taiwan)
Post doctoral fellow (Johns Hopkins Medical School, USA)
Ph.D. (Johns Hopkins University, USA)
M.A. (Johns Hopkins University, USA)
Research internship (University of California at San Diego, USA)
M.A. (Leiden University, The Netherlands)