Cognitive, Neural and Evolutionary mechanisms in Number processing


Cognitive, Neural and Evolutionary mechanisms in Number processing (CNENum)

What: In-person thematic meeting selected and funded by the European Society for Cognitive Psychology (ESCoP; ESCOP is a dynamic scientific society that provides a venue within which current research in cognitive psychology and neighbouring disciplines can be presented, discussed and encouraged.

Why: The aim of the thematic meeting is to discuss the latest developments in the field of numerical cognition from an interdisciplinary perspective. The goal is to bring together researchers representing a variety of approaches to the study of numerical cognition, spanning behavioral/psychophysical, neuroscientific, comparative, and computational methods. The meeting will also promote networking opportunities.

Organizers: Arianna Felisatti, Rosa Rugani, Mariagrazia Ranzini, and Marco Zorzi
Department of General Psychology, University of Padova, Italy

Where: University of Padua, via Venezia, 16; room T4

When: 19th and 20th of September 2024

Who: Researchers and PhD students  are welcome to present and/or attend the meeting.

Invited speakers:Martin H. Fischer (University of Potsdam),Oliver Lindemann (Erasmus University Rotterdam),Roberto Arrighi (University of Florence),Giovanni Anobile (University of Florence), and Valter Prpic (University of Bologna).

How: People who aim to attend/contribute are asked to fill a registration form. Registration is free, but due to limited room capacity we can only accept up to 130 registrations. The abstracts will undergo a selection process and will be assigned to talk or poster.

Deadline for registration/abstract submission: May 27, 2024. Confirmation of acceptance will be communicated in June.


For any questions, please contact Arianna Felisatti: