Events and news

Seminar Series

We have a series of PercUP seminars, every first Monday of the month at 11:30am.
This semester they take place on Zoom.

1st March 2021 - Francesca Talamini (University of Innsbruck)
Short-term memory performance in musicians and nonmusicians: the role of sensory modality, material type and contour.  [ video ]

12th April 2021 - Olivia Guest (Donders Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging at Radboud University, Netherlands)
How computational modeling can force theory building in psychological science [ video ]

3rd May 2021 - Marcello Maniglia (University of California, Riverside)
Neural plasticity of the perceptual and oculomotor systems in pathological and simulated central vision loss [ video ]

24th May 2021 - Gianluca Campana (University of Padova)
Ensemble representations beyond simple statistics [ video ]

31st May 2021 - Mauro Manassi (University of Aberdeen)
The Multi-level Paradox of Visual Crowding video ]


Visual Properties Driving Visual Preference (VPDVP) conference

Due to the COVID-19 situation across the world, the 2021 workshop took place online as in 2020.  VPDVP this year explored visual processing of symmetry.

More information, including the recordings of the talks, is available in the VPDVP website: