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PsyMed is a psychology laboratory, where clinical, counseling and research activities are conducted. Clinical activity includes prevention, counseling and therapy, focusing on the whole person. Intervention is aimed at individuals, couples, families and groups who ask for it and/or live a suffering condition that can be expressed in relational or body terms.

Counseling, training and supervision activities are aimed primarily at health care professionals (doctors, nurses, psychologists, etc.) responsible for taking care of these situations, but they can also be directed to other organizational contexts.
The research activity of Psymed is focused on the study of those experiences (birth, death, and illness) that motivated the use of medical treatment and hospitalization.

The research activity of Psymed is based on a psycho-social perspective, which puts the personal experience at the center of research and cure. Departing from a systemic-constructivist and phenomenological perspective, the traditional mind-body distinction is overcome and illness is considered within the relational contexts in which it developed and is maintained. Sometimes healthcare experience can be painful not only for the patients and their relatives, but also for those responsible for their care. Who takes care of the cared? Who takes care of those who care? Beyond undergoing medical treatment, on the one hand, and using medical instruments, on the other, taking care of the cared and of the carers needs of specific tools. Psymed research instruments come from - and are consistent with - a psycho-social perspective. F