Brain-hack GLOBAL in Padova: Brain Asymmetries Edition

12-15 November 2019 Department of General Psychology, via Venezia 8, Padova

Dal 07.11.2019 al 17.11.2019

Brain-hack GLOBAL in Padova: Brain Asymmetries Edition is sponsored by and will be held at the University of Padova, Department of General Psychology - CN2 M.Sc. Degree programme

Additional support comes from Padova Neuroscience Center (PNC)

Sorry the event is sold out!

Plenary sessions will take place in Room 4S.

Hacking sessions will be happening in Rooms 4S, DPSS1 (when available),  Student Hall at the Polo Didattico di Psicologia and at VIMM.


Brain-hack aims at promoting the interaction between scientists, developers, and artists interested in the brain. Questions can evolve around the investigation of brain anatomy and function based on non-invasive imaging methods (e.g. MRI, nTMS) and intraoperative brain mapping methods, or post mortem dissection the evolution of nervous systems across species the variability of brain features across healthy participants the insurgence of brain pathologies and there is no limit to artistic reflections in any form of art.


Participants can bring their own dataset, discuss a project, and recruit a team of collaborators on site. Access to free big online databases of MRI images will be also available during the three days, for new creative ideas to be tested.

This workshop integrates all levels of expertise and is also an opportunity to learn methods, develop skills, and collaborate with other participants.