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Michel Denis Emeritus Senior Research Scientist French National Center for Scientific Research, (Paris, France) Research topic: Cognitive psychology

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Fulbright Specialist

Call: Fulbright Specialist U.S.A. - ItalyTarget group: Teaching staff  on selected Academic-Fields, for more details: Staff Mobility for Teaching or Educational Consulting Period: 1 August 2023 - 30 September 2024, the

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Behavioural and Neural Signatures of Visual Body (mis)perception

Room 2A - Building PSICO2


Visual representation of the body is a key aspect of self-body image. Its importance in our social life is proved by the unreasonable time and effort we put on taking care of our physical appearance, including use of plastic surgery, as well as by the severe mental disorders linked to its

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Valentina Cazzato

Dal 14.02.2023 al 18.02.2023 Lecturer in Cognitive Neuroscience Liverpool John Moores University (UK)Research interests: Non-invasive brain stimulation in eating disordersProject: Erasmus+

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Valeria Orso

 Ever since I can remember, I used to observe how people around me behaved and wondered what made them act that way. My studies in Experimental Psychology and Cognitive Science helped me answer some of those questions, but above all they have lit up my curiosity even more. Since my PhD, I started to

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