Luca Battaglini


I have been an assistant professor (RtdB) with tenure track at the department of General Psychology since November 2021.

I graduated in 2011 at University of Padova with a thesis titled: “the extrapolation of occluded motion”. Motion perception is a topic that I continued to investigate during my PhD (2015, under Professor Gianluca Campana’s supervision).

I was a visiting student at Sussex University in 2013 under Professor George Mather’s supervision and I was a visiting PhD student at Plymouth University in 2014, where I worked with Professor Giorgio Ganis. My decision to be a researcher and an academic was positively influenced by these experiences.   

From 2015 to 2019 I was a post-doc research fellow and I worked in the vision lab of Professor Casco, who was fundamental in my academic growth contributing the most to shaping me as a researcher.     

My interests are broad across visual perception and psychophysics. In particular, I prefer working on motion perception, perceptual learning, visual crowding and brain oscillation. In my studies, I often use EEG, TMS and tES. I am an active member of the PercUP, a group of researchers interested in investigating visual cognition and visual perception. Moreover, I am a senior member of the NeuroVis.U.S team, a clinical laboratory aimed at developing neurotrainings to improve visual functions via perceptual learning in people with amblyopia, hemianopia and macular degeneration. 

Finally, I love playing football five-a-side, with my colleagues of the Department of General Psychology, who founded the DPG team (of which I am the captain). We won the “dipartimentiadi” in 2017 and 2019 (3rd place in 2018). The event was cancelled in 2020 due to covid -19 spreading.