Silvia Cerea


I am a licensed clinical psychologist and a psychotherapist, my main research interest is body image. I obtained my PhD in Psychological Sciences at the University of Padova. My PhD mainly dealt with the study of psychological risk factors for body dissatisfaction and Body Image Disorders (BIDs), such as Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) and Eating Disorders (EDs). I practice as a CBT therapist at the “Servizi Clinici Universitari Psicologici” (SCUP; psychological services targeting both university students and community individuals) and my leading goal as a clinical psychology researcher is to develop innovative and evidence-based psychological interventions to reduce body dissatisfaction and promote a positive body image in different contexts and populations. I am also interested in promoting a positive body image by means of new methodologies, such as nature exposure, writing exercises, and physical activity. I am particularly interested in embodied physical activities like yoga, since these physical activities have the potential to help enhance a positive connection and comfort with one’s body. In my leisure time I practice Iyengar Yoga and I take care of my plants. I also enjoy reading Japanese books (Murakami in particular).