Umberto Granziol


Since I was a student, I have always been interested in psychological measurement. All my research interests, indeed, are linked to psychometrics from several points of view. Some of them strictly focus on the metrics in psychology: the development and the implementation of innovative methods for psychological assessment by using methodologies derived from mathematical psychology and graph theories (e.g., Knowledge Space Theory, Formal Concept Analysis, and Formal Psychological Assessment), the implementation of observational assessment tools working on computerized and adaptive algorithms to make psychological evaluation more accurate and efficient. A recent interest concerns the possibility of using such assessment tools to predict and monitor mental disorders’ symptoms. Other research interests can be entitled “when psychometrics meets data analysis”: development and validation of psychological measures by using factorial techniques and structural equation modeling; the study of measurement invariance according to both Classical Test Theory and Item Response Theory. Finally, I am interested in statistical analysis of psychological data: on this topic, my favorite line of research refers to methods for simplifying and using planned comparisons by applying contrast matrices even for interaction effects. I also work on linear and generalized (mixed effects) models. Recently, I started working on network analysis and dynamics among nodes, even for Bayesian networks. I am a big fan of the R software, which I always use!
Beyond academic life, I like traveling to explore and learn from other places, cultures, and to try new foods. I like listening to music, playing board games, and watching TV series. I found out that I am a fan of both Yoga and Pilates, a big source of help and support when models do not fit and scripts do not run!