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Anna Spagnolli

Professore associato confermato


Indirizzo: VIA VENEZIA, 8 - PADOVA . . .

Telefono: 0498276644


  • Il Giovedi' dalle 10:00 alle 12:00
    presso via Venezia 8, IV piano, studio n. 04 021
    Dal 16 al 30 Aprile il ricevimento verrà sospeso per partecipazione a convegni. Starting April 16 to April 30 office hours will stop due to conference attendance.

2015 - present: Associate Professor, Dept. of General Psychology, University of Padova;
2002-2015: Assistant Professor, Dept. of General Psychology, University of Padova;
2002: Ph.D. in Social Psychology, University of Padova.
September 2000-March 2001: Visiting student, Center for Language, Interaction and Culture, University of California at Los Angeles.
April-June 2000: Visiting student, Laboratory of Comparative Human Cognition (LCHC), University of California at san Diego
1997: Master degree (Laurea) in Work and Organizational Psychology, summa cum laude, University of Padova.

Affiliated to UNIPD Human Inspired Technology research centre, to the ACM and to the International Society for Conversation Analysis. Faculty member and president of the teaching committee of the doctoral program in 'Brain, mind and computer science'. Coordinator of the Advanced courses for scientific research ('CARS') at the Dept. of General Psychology. Member of the Ethics Committee of the HIT centre. Member of the GAV in the BS program in PSychological Science and in the Msc program in Psicologia Cognitiva Applicata. Member of the editorial board of Virtual Reality (Springer).

Social psychology and communication (in English; 2016-current); Analisi delle interazioni e della comunicazione mediata (2014-current), Analisi delle Pratiche Conversazionali (2008-2013), Nuovi Ambienti di Comunicazione (2007-2008), Ergonomia e Analisi del Lavoro (Univ. of Trento, 2007-2010), Atteggiamenti e Pratiche Discorsive (2005-2008), Metodi Qualitativi (2005-2008), Prese di posizione e relazioni sociali (2004-2005), Opinioni ed Atteggiamenti (2003-2004)

Human- computer interaction (in English, 2018), user experience (in English, 2017, 2015), serious games (in English, 2016)

(October 2010) NOKIA Ubimedia Award for the BeAware project
(April 2002) ‘Highly Commended Award’ from Literati Club, Emerald to the paper ‘Legitimating technologies: ambiguity as a premise for negotiation in a networked institution’, G. Mantovani, A. Spagnolli
(May 2002) Award from the Italian Psychology Association for best Ph.D. dissertation in Social Psychology

VisualMusic (H2020-ICT n. 731986); 'Mindsee' (FP7 - ICT 611570); 'CultAR' (ICT for access to cultural resources’ n. 601139); 'NEW-IP' (Executive Agency for Health and Consumers n. 2010 12 07);'SeniorChannel' (AAL-2009-2 n.090); 'CEEDS', Integrated Project (ICT n. 258749);'Beaware' (INFSO-ICT n. 224557; Democracy, Cities and Drugs (Public Health Program n. 2007306); (contract with Honda Motor Europe) Honda Riding Trainer Psychological Evaluation; 'PASION' Integrated Project (FP6-2004-IST-4 n.027654)‘ELDERGAMES’ (2005-IST-5 n. 034552); ‘EMMA’ (IST-2001-39192); ‘VEPSY Updated’ (IST 2000-25323)

The main lines of research on which I have worked so far are:
- Action-based approach to mediated presence
- EM/CA studies of mediated interaction
Persuasive technology and serious games
- UX and usability studies based on action observation
- Prosocial behavior and inter-ethnic relationships

My selected publications sorted out by research line are listed in the attached file.

- Action-based approach to mediated presence
- EM/CA studies of mediated interaction
- Persuasive technology and serious games
- Ethic implications of symbiotic technologies
- Prosocial behavior in virtual reality

Mediated communication (SMS; Instant Messaging, Forum, Chat, Blog, ...)
Persuasive technology
Presence and telepresence
User experience with advanced ICT